Welcome to Beyond Frontiers

There is the Regency.

There is the Church.

There is the Techno Coterie.

There are the Trade Houses.

And there is the Enemy.

The hand of the ancient Regency reaches far across the Galaxy, but its power is waning. The Church professes their Prophecy at every opportunity, and not always to welcome ears. The Trade Houses are ever vigilant for interference from the Techno Coterie. The Enemy strikes into the Fringe more with each passing turn, and concern grows that it may come to war, one that many fear cannot be won. Yet there is still hope. On the Coreward edge of the Arm, a world has been discovered that may yet save humanity.

Beyond Frontiers is a campaign set in the far future of mankind, so far, in fact, that no one can really remember its origins.

There is a far reaching empire called the Regency, which is a huge, lumbering hulk of a government, too big for its own good, complacent in its old age, corrupt and dangerous.

There is an ancient religion centered around the lost past of humanity, simply called the Church, which enjoys a hefty measure of power in the places where the Regency is present.

There is a group of fanatics, scientists, philosophers, crackpots, and gearheads known as the Techno Coterie, whom rumor has it hold the key to the lost knowledge of the ancient Coros race, and who strive to control the technology throughout the galaxy in order to achieve the perfection that race once possessed.

There are the vast machines of wealth and commerce, the Trade Houses, which push the limits and patience of the Regency in their hunger for profits and power, and who battle with the Techno Coterie for their right to pursue their own view of technological progress.

There is the shadow of the unknown in the Enemy, aliens of mysterious origin and purpose, but clearly hostile to humanity and its allies, as they slowly but systematically strike the extremities of the Regency in what can only be seen as a precursor to war.

Then there are those caught inbetween: the mercenaries, the pirates, the free traders, the refugees, the pilgrims, the criminals, the explorers, all those beyond the narrow focus of the larger entities. From those, there are the few who look beyond the next kill, the next score, the next battle, the next system, the next sign, the next frontier, to something greater.

You are one of those few.